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Our Mission & Core Values

Being a Web Designer in Tucson we are honored to provide exceptional service to our clients that are near and far!

Tucson Web Designer Core Values

Our Mission

Our mission and vision is to empower small businesses and non-profits to become successful and thrive through an effective online presence.

Our Core Values -
. . . a basic recipe for life and business.

1.  Begin each job/task with Passion and Joy!  We LOVE what we do!

2.  Meet all Deadlines & Keep All Promises:  This is easy. Set up a realistic schedule that is prompt but leaves room for both sides to enjoy the creative process, then try to stay with the timeline.

3.  Strive for Quality, Let Go of Perfect and Be Creative:  I love the saying, “perfect is boring.” We strive for Quality and Consistency, while maintaining a high level of creative thought.  Our clients and their websites/businesses are very important to us.  Sometimes mistakes happen, we will own up to our mistakes, and always try to make things right.

4.  Maintain Peace:  We aren’t the sort of people who thrive on conflict. In fact, we hate it. We will always strive for a peaceful solution that works for everyone.

5.  Lead with Gratitude and Kindness:  We value our clients, and are grateful for their business.   If you are ever unhappy with our work, or simply want to go another direction, we will gracefully hand over anything we’ve ever created for you. We also won’t hold it against you, and if you ever change your mind, you can still call us.

6.  Laugh at Ourselves and Have Fun:  At the end of the day, let’s face it, we’re not fleeing for our lives with our children on our backs. We’re building websites, and this is supposed to be FUN! 

7.  Giving Back and Supporting the Community:  We believe in helping the grassroots nonprofit organization with getting connected, and offering our own expertise in helping their organization become successful.  We do this as a donation of our time, talent and energy to the nonprofit organzation. 

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