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From your submission of the form here is what you can expect from Wowsers Web Design:

  • An immediate acknowledgement to your email address from Wowsers Web Design that your email was received.
  • Within 48 hours of your intial email you will receive an email reply from Valerie requesting more information and to set up a time to telephonically discuss your website project.
  • Once all the information has been gathered and there has been a telephone conversation, Valerie will email you a written website quote that will outline the services that you will receive.
  • Wowsers Web Design will follow up via email a few days after sending the quote to ensure that you have received it.

YOUR web design process begins here!

Website Design Request

How Much Will My WordPress Web Design Cost?:  

The exact cost for a custom web WordPress website will vary with each client, depending upon your individual needs and the look you want.

Your custom web design cost estimate is based on the size and function of your web site and the time it will take to complete the design and content. Wowsers Web Design will work with you to keep the price within your budget, while still providing a professional website that projects the image you want.

Consultations and estimates are always FREE and you are under NO obligation.

Specific client requested "plugins" or features may result in an additional cost.

How Long Will It Take To Build A Website?

I’ve settled into planning 35-40 hours to complete your site over a 45-60 day period. To build something from scratch and going through the whole design phase and end up with a well thought out, quality product that is responsive and works across the board, I really want to make sure I have enough time.   

What Type Of Payments Do We Accept:

  • Business Check
  • Personal Check
  • PayPal
  • Chase Quick Pay


Please read through our Contractual Information that is included with the typical Web Design Contract or Maintenance Agreement.

What You Will Need:

To have a website you will need a Domain Name and Website Hosting.  Here is some information that may be helpful to you during this process:

Domain registration and website hosting are NOT included in Website Design Pricing.