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Get a Unique URL and Username for Facebook Page

Facebook Unique URl

Facebook Pages (THE BUSINESS PAGE) are different from individual profiles. They are used by businesses, organizations and public figures, among others. Every Facebook Page URL is unique; however, you might prefer the URL to include a familiar name rather than a string of numbers. To change the URL for your Facebook Page, you change its username.

If you already have a Page, you can change it if you have administrative privileges for the Page. Your Page has both a page name that appears on the Page itself and a username that appears in the URL. You can change either or both easily.

Why Do You Want a Unique Facebook Page URL for Your Business Page

  1.  A unique Facebook URL will allow for the ability for your Facebook page to be tagged;
  2. Easy URL to promote and market;
  3. Allows your visitors/customers to bookmark your page and easily revisit and find it.

A Word of Caution:

  1.  You can change the business name several times without penalty or loss of followers.
  2. ONLY CHANGE THE URL ONE TIME - Why only once  - because if you change the URL yearly it will cause anyone one (your customer/directories/etc) to have the links of your Facebook page to break.

How to Change a Page Name or Username (see Image below)
If you are a Page admin and want to change the username that appears in the URL or the page name that appears on the Page, you do so like this:

  1. Open the BUSINESS Page.
  2. Click About in the left panel.
  3. In the General section, click Edit next to the Name of your Page to change only the name.
  4. Click Edit next to Username to change only the username, which appears in the URL of the page.
  5. Enter the new Page name or username and click Continue.
  6. Review your change and click Request change. There may be a delay before the name change takes place.

If the name you request is already in use on Facebook, you’ll have to pick another name.

If you don't see the option to change the name of your Page, you may not have administrative privileges that allow it. In addition, if you or another admin changed the name recently, you may not be able to change it again right away. If a few cases, Pages that didn't follow Facebook's Pages Terms have limits placed on them by Facebook, and you can't change the name on those Pages.