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What’s In A Name – Your Website Domain Name That Is!

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It is easy to buy a domain name and when purchasing your domain name it is EASY to misspell it and there are NO do-overs...except to buy it again;

Before you register a new domain name, please think twice about what you choose.   These websites owners didn't. Or perhaps they thought the double entendres their names created when strung together as URLs were just too funny to be passed up.

Here are some of the most notorious offenders: - Auctions Hit - Ben Dover - Big Als Online - Bitef Art Cafe - But That’s Not All - Childrens Wear - Choose Spain - Dickson Web - Dickson’s Temperature Instruments - Experts Exchange - a spinoff of the famous search engine - Go Tahoe - IHA Vegas Holiday Rentals - Internet Protocol Anywhere - Kids Exchange - La Drape - an actual Welsh town - Mac Home - Construction Company - really? - Morrison & Foerster, LLC - Mole Station Nursery - No Braces - New York Canal Region - Odds Extractor - Partners Talking - An actual dentist organization - Pen Island - Power Gen Italia - Speed of Art - Germany-based Swissbit - Sydney Therapist - Teachers Talk - Therapist Finder - Via Grafix (renamed to Learn2)

I am sure the owners of the domains listed above wished they took time to see how their business name looked "pushed together" as a domain name.  

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