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Grandma’s Fudge

Grandma's FudgeLife is made up of an assortment of memories. Grandma’s fudge for me is a good memory. This Presto Pressure Cooker, which I display on a shelf in my house, is what my Mom use to use to melt the chocolate and sugar in her fudge making process.

My mother was a good cook, to include baking and make candy. Along with sewing, knitting, crocheting, and anything else that had to do with crafts. She was pretty handy. I don’t believe I wore any store bought clothes for the first 15 years of my life. And I know that I’ve shared before that my Mother had a slight (ok…it was more than slight) addiction to gadgets. She owned the donut maker, pizza maker, and on and on.

Ok…back to the fudge making process. Every year during the holidays Mom would begin making fudge. It was pounds and pounds of fudge. Pounds of fudge were mailed to my brother’s family – everyone got their own individual container of fudge. And when Mom wasn’t living in Arizona – We also received our fair share of pounds and pounds of fudge. I don’t think anyone ever told her that with fudge “more is less.”

It was an over the top amount of fudge that Mom would make. And to this day my brother’s family just grimaces a little when they think or look at fudge.

I still love fudge, more than that I love the memory of Mom’s fudge. And I know that Mom made every pound of fudge with love. This old crusted Presto Pressure Cooker reminds me of the care and love that Mom went to with every batch of fudge.

I remember when we were living in Southern California, Mom was making her annual poundage of fudge, and she was carrying the pot across to the table and the handle of the pot cracked and the pot fell to floor, right on the new Congoleum floor. The hot pot left a pretty big ding in the floor. Mom was worried about the fudge….heck with the floor. You can see the handle is cracked. That didn’t stop Mom, that pot was used for another 20+ years. I think my Dad glued the handle backed together.

I would love to experience Mom’s fudge again – even if she made pounds and pounds. I miss her, and I miss that fudge made with LOVE! And you can’t ask for anything more than that!!!


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