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Great Customer Service and Security

Yesterday I received a text and phone call from Chase that one of my business debit cards had been potentially compromised.   They were issuing a new card.   Thanks Chase for great customer service!

Then last night at about 8:40 p.m. Arizona time I received a phone call from David at HostGator asking if I had just spoke to him.  I replied NO…and he said thanks and hung up.   Concerned and confused I called back (I have two shared hosting accounts with HostGator).   I spoke with another David . . . and he tracked down the first David.   As it turns out someone called HostGator and said they were me and wanted control panel and email access.   Since they obviously couldn’t authenticate any of the security information he call back to the phone number on file.  Thanks HG for the great security measures and amazing customer service!

Thanks to two companies that let me rest just a little better.

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