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Kids Deserve Better

Stand Up For ChildrenThe Headline of the Arizona Daily Star yesterday was “Couple Held After Grisly Discovery of Boy’s Bones.”    This morning the headline was “Siblings: Mom Starved Our Brother to Death.”  Last night on the news the other members of the family that are here in Tucson were “crying” saying “Now we know.”    If you read through the article you will note that this family had relatively extensive contact with Child Protective Services and the Tucson Police Department, and this little boy had actually been removed from the home for a week in the past.  

 As incredibly sad as this is, and as this shows AGAIN how broken the system protecting our children is I believe I am more outraged at the family.  This little guy had older siblings who KNEW something was wrong.   Don’t know come out and say “I knew it all along, Mom was starving him.”   Or the husband who said “I knew my wife was starving him.”   In my opinion EVERY person who knew, who had contact with – and did nothing is morally responsible and should be criminally at fault.  

How is it that the State of Arizona becomes enraged and divided over the issue of SB1062 (the proposed bill that would’ve allowed a business owner to discriminate based on their religious beliefs).   And please understand that I disagreed wholehearted with that proposed bill.  Yet this State repeatedly falls over itself and steps in the proverbial pile of crap when it comes to protecting our youth.   Earlier this year the Governor announced that because there were 6000+ CPS cases that were literally thrown in the dumpster and never followed up she (the Governor) was going to abolish CPS and start over.    

For more years than I can count the State of Arizona has ranked last or near last in critical youth issues – Teen Pregnancy, Teen Suicide, H.S. Dropout, etc.   If you’re interested how your state ranks – check out the Annie E. Casey Foundation Kids Count data.   Arizona consistently fails.

And this case of this little boy is just one many here in this state.   I love this State, unfortunately the priorities of the State government and many City Governments exclude the over arching protection of children.  

The kids deserve better from the “protection systems” in place, regardless of where they live.

Here is the link to the Arizona Daily Star article:

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