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Lead With Kindness – in Life and Business

What is kindness? defines it as the state or quality of being kind, friendly feeling or liking, a kind act, favor or behavior

The synonyms include:  humanity, generosity, charity, sympathy, compassion and tenderness.

Why kindness?

If I had to choose between two different companies, all things being equal as far as price and product, I would choose the one that I felt cared about me more. I would choose the one that went the extra mile.  The current economy is making savvy shoppers out of just about everyone. At that same time, many are also becoming wary.   A good company strives to provide the best possible customer service – all the time.  Internal circumstances and the economy sometimes prevent great customer service – down sizing of staff, long hours, etc.,  These situations can cause overworked, harried staff members who are consistently operating on overload.  Patience and kindness must be paramount.

Good Customer Service

According to Shep Hyken, Customer Service Speaker, 70%of customers are willing to spend 13% more with comapanies who give great customer service while 78% of customers have bailed on a transaction because of poor customer service. Those are some pretty heavy numbers. There’s a lot of business out there and someone is going to get it. Good customer service means delivering the product on time, as promised for the agreed upon price. So, where does kindness fit in?

Kindness within Company Walls.

Another thing to consider when thinking of building a business with kindness. It’s not just about kindness that you show to your clients and customers, it’s also about kindness you demonstrate to your employees. How often do you hear stories about the best and/or worst bossess. When you hear the about the worst, how apt are you to use their services?  Most of us know that we will be treated better by a company who respects and cares about their employees. Your employees are the front-line marketers of your business.  Treat them well, and they in turn will promote your company and treat your customers well.


Lead with kindness!

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