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Non Profit Website Design at a Discounted Rate

Are there any restrictions? Sort of.... here's the short list:

  • Must have a valid 501 (c) 3 EIN issued by the IRS.  We'll verify your nonprofit status;
  • Must be a small, grass-roots, non-profit with a budget size less than $250,000;
  • These are the causes that Wowsers Web Design is most interested in assisting: 
    • Animals (cats, dogs, pot bellied pigs, etc.)
    • Children - Education
    • Children - Childhood hunger
    • Children - Homelessness
    • Children - Missing or Exploited
    • U.S. Military Veterans (any cause)
  • Must have one point of contact to work with that can communicate by email and phone;
  • Must have a point of contract that can sign the agreement and other needed documentation;
  • Must submit a letter of agreement on the organization's letterhead along with our agreement;
  • Project must be completed in 45 days or less;
  • The content management system for the website will be WordPress;
  • Does not include hosting or domain name purchase;
  • Does not include continuing monthly website maintenance. 

The Cost:  For IRS verified non-profit organizations, Wowsers Web Design will discount the web design cost.   

How Much is the Discount:  The website will be priced out as a regular "for profit" small business website.  The discount will be at least half of that amount.  

If your non profit is what you need to do to start. Contact us through the form below. Indicate in the message that you are nonprofit, your organizations name,  and EIN number. Your organization has to have a 501(c)3 be  a non-profit and for this opportunity to work.

We look forward to help you help others!

Please note:  This is for a WordPress Website Only.

Non Profit Website Design Request
We will verify the EIN through Charity Navigator, Guidestar and the IRS.

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