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Our Website Design Process

Tucson Web Designer Process

 Success cannot happen without the client's participation!

As you can tell by the Wowsers Web Design website - we like colors and the look of fun!   But just because we do, doesn't mean you do!  We tailor every site to our clients' tastes and needs.

Our Website Design Process begins by learning about the purpose of your website - what do you want it to do?   We start to build the look and feel (colors and navigation) of the site.  Sometimes this step goes quickly and other times it can be the hardest part of the process.   Once the template is done then we begin fill the website with content.   Please read this section - What Makes A Successful Website.  

Normally from start to finish we allow 30 days for the Website Design Process.   This is usually plenty of time to get a website finished.  Wowsers Web Design NEEDS your participation in the Website Design Process to ensure the website gets finished and has every chance of being successful.

If you'd like to be able to update your own website, we can build one that allows you to do most of the day-to-day maintenance yourself via an easy-to-use web-based content management system. If you'd prefer not to deal with any of the website updates, then we'll be glad to handle it all for you. It's up to you!

We can do a basic website to a very complicated and complexed website…and everything in between., all while maintaining an affordable WordPress website design.

The client is a HUGE part of the Website Design Process!

We rely on you to provide your business information, the bulk of the content, and the pictures/images for the site.

We rely on continued, prompt and continual communication between Wowsers Web Design and the client throughout the design process.  

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