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Wowsers Web Design is an Asset to Any Organization!

Valerie, from Wowsers Web Design,is absolutely an asset to any organization. As an organization in the nonprofit sector, Tucson Pride relies heavily on communication through the internet for both marketing and staying in touch with our member base. We are a team of volunteers with a virtual office. Valerie designed a beautiful and very functional website for us, correcting many issues we had been struggling with on our now retired site. Beyond designing something beautiful and functional, Valerie genuinely cared for our organization’s image and took the time to get to know what we were all about. In addition, she’s connected us to other resources we may not have known about before. Our new site was designed and up and running in less than a month, and Valerie is incredibly responsive and efficient when it comes to maintenance and updates, even taking the time to train some members of our team on how to independently handle some of the updating tasks with ease. No other web designer we have ever encountered has been so engaged, responsive, and sensitive to our specific needs. We would highly recommend Wowsers Web Design to any business!

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