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How to Submit Website Information and Changes

It is important for the website owner to be involved with their website!    And it is important that everyone has an understanding of the most efficient and effective way to send Wowsers Web Design new or updated content for the website. 

Your website is YOUR businesses 24/7 business card.     

As your web designer and the person that maintains your website - I rely on YOU, the site owner, to provide new textual content and images for the website. 

As the website owner you rely on me, the web designer, to ensure that:

  • The content (text and images) (web edits) that you have provided are updated in a fast and efficient manner;
  • Update plugins as new versions are released
  • Update WordPress core if required or recommended for security purposes
  • Optimize the website and database for performance
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring using a WordPress Security Plugins
  • Weekly Security Scans For Malware
  • Submit website sitemap manually to the Google Search Console twice monthly
  • Ensure all images are compressed/optimized


How to Submit Website Information and Changes

Single Point of Contact:  If possible, please only have ONE person from your business or organization submitting website changes/corrections.

Phone Consultations:  I am happy to discuss any website changes on the phone. Please understand that the conversation regarding the changes to the site is followed up by the site owner with an email noting the changes.

Sending Images or Large Files:

  • Image Size:  Images should be at least 1024x760px   
  • Image Labeling: Image files must be labeled/named with the product/image name.  If there are more than one photos for a product append each photo with a number.   Example:  Chair 1.jpg    Chair 2.jpg   Chair 3.jpg.  
  • How to send images or large files:  Please use via This is an easy way to submit large or “bulky” files for your website. The service is free.  Here is a link for a tutorial  - 
  • Only sending one or two pictures: 1 or 2 pictures can be sent as an email attachment. 

Textual Content:   

  • Large Textual Content Changes/Additions: Textual content for your website should be in an MSWord Document and sent as an email attachment. 
  • Small Textual Content Changes/Additions:  Small changes can be sent in the body of an email.
  • With all changes:   Please be specific on WHERE the textual changes/additions are to go in your website. 

Tables - CSV files (excel):   If your website has a table or an excel file - please send it as a clean CSV file or an Excel Workbook.

Sending PDFs:   Usually the size of a PDF is easily sent via email as an attachment.   If the document is large - please use 

 Other Good to Know Information:

  • Be Specific: With all changes (text and images) - please be specific on WHERE the changes/additions are to go in your website. 
  • Premium Plugin / Subscriptions: Any requested premium plugins or subscriptions are at the Client’s expense.
  • Website Colors: If there are specific colors for the background or the website the client will provide the HTML Color code for these colors.
  • Fonts: If there are specific GOOGLE FONTS desired – the client will provide the names of these fonts.
  • Phone Consultations/Calls:  I am really happy to briefly discuss website issues or changes with you, if possible please email first to schedule a time that is good for both of us.  
  • Email Communication: A large percentage of my client communication once the web design process begins is through email.   There are a couple of reasons for this – the first being it provides a written record of the request, and I am often times working on a several projects at a time and the email allows me to use it as a task list of sorts.     I will always respond back to the request with a response, and if need be am available for a phone conversation.  
  • Audio/video: Depending on your hosting account, these can be very “space” intensive. It is recommended that other options be explored (i.e., YouTube, etc) and have the audio or video streamed to your site.   Please do not send audio/video files until there has been a discussion regarding size and use.
  • Photoshopping or Altering Photos: We can provide limited photo altering.
  • Scanning of Pictures: We don’t scan pictures.


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