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Using . . what you don’t know is a website where someone needing a service . . . like a web designer,  photographer, handyman...and even an attorney can go and put out a request for a quote.   Similar to Angie's List. 

One of my issues, which I have communicated with is the cost of a Web Designer to submit a quote.   To submit a quote it is all based on credits.   Each credit cost $1.67, and for a web designer to submit a quote it takes nine credits.   However if I were an attorney to submit a quote it takes five credits, and a plumber takes 3 credits.....  here is a link to the job titles and credits needed to submit a quote:

I am sure after looking at the list it is obvious to most business minded people that the credits needed for the jobs is greatly "out of whack." explained it to me that it based on the potential revenue from the job.   Really?!?!?  How do they know what I charge.   A flat credit amount regardless of the skill would be far more appropriate.   I've read a lot of "glowing" RAH RAHs from "pros" that only need 2 or 3 credits to submit a quote. . .like a portrait photographer.       I'm sure they wouldn't be that supportive of the process if their credit amount was 9....which is the most need of any job.

Another issue is that a "pro" like myself can submit a quote and never know.... never hear anything.    

I discovered after talking directly to a couple of the potential clients that they:

  • didn't know that the "Pro's" pay to submit a quote;
  • many of the quotes they received were from "off shore"

Also after observing how worked I began to believe that not a quote requests were real.  I can't really prove this, though I am not the only "pro" to think this.

I found a recent review of and it was written so well and detailed that I wanted to include the link: has a growing number online complaints and reviews from "pros."    

My advice to someone looking for service is do a little internet search on your own - find a local service professional to help you, or if there isn't anyone in your immediate area - find a U.S. based service professional at least.

Also . .  if you're looking to hire a "pro" and you are still considering using do a Google search for Thumbtack Reviews.   Just read up on the company.  Make your own decision.



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