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What If . . .

What IfThis is a simple question, yet profound.  What if?  Our lives sometime move at light speed, we get busy, and before we know it the day is over.    I try to start and end each day with a list of things I am grateful for - they can be big things, and often they are little things. 

Living in a state of gratitude will have an over all positive affect on the rest of your life. 

Most of us have challenges we are dealing with everyday.   Right now with the Federal Government on a "Shutdown" those furloughed workers are wondering about their next paycheck.  Towns and communities, like Flagstaff, AZ are suffering due to the drain of tourism due to National Parks being closed.   Even in the face of diversity everyone has something to be grateful for -what are you grateful for today?

It is easy to focus on the negative in your life.   When you focus on the negative that is exactly what you will attract - negative - from the people you encounter to something as simple as becoming frustrated at trying to find a parking space at the mall.  This is the Law of Attraction.   

Focus on what's right in your life, be grateful.  Take a moment to step outside, look up and just say "Thank you for all that I have!"

Be Well, Be Positive, Be Happy

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