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WordPress Website Support & Maintenance Plans

Our web support and website maintenance services and are only available for sites we've built.

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The reason that we only offer Website Maintenance and Support Services for websites built by Wowsers Web Design is that we know our own sites were built properly, to our own high standards.  And a badly built site or old website can be loaded with serious issues requiring countless hours of support and repairs.  For those sites, it is highly recommend a new build from the ground up. Believe it or not, doing so is almost always easier, faster and cheaper than trying to find all the problems with a site that Wowsers Web Design didn’t build.   Of course, Wowsers Web Design can help with the new website and then provide our monthly maintenance and support after its launched. 

We offer WordPress Website Support & Maintenance for clients who wish to protect the integrity of their website’s security. The annual service fee provides you with the peace of mind that someone is monitoring and seeing to the technical health of your site.  This is an additional service that we highly recommend. If you’ve ever had a website and discovered that a link no longer works, photos are missing, you’ve been hacked or other weird things seem to be wrong with it, then you understand the value of this monthly website support and maintenance service. 

WordPress Website Support & Maintenance Plan - What’s Included 

  • Web Edits/Website Changes - what are they?:
    • Adding new text and images.
    • Configuring WooCommerce and Adding Products (If your website is ecommerce/WooCommerce ready).
    • Configuring/setting up Membership/Restricted Content (if your website is Membership/Restricted Content ready).
  • Phone Calls:   Time includes phone consultation time;
  • Update plugins/themes as new versions are released: What is a plugin you ask?  A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that have been added to YOUR WordPress They have extend functionality and/or add features to YOUR WordPress websites. WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language and integrate seamlessly with WordPress. As new versions of a plugin becomes available – YOUR WordPress Website will indicate in the Dashboard that there are updates needed.  Failing to regularly update YOUR WordPress site will undoubtedly result in a site failure at some point.
  • Website backups:  Using a WordPress Plugin (in addition to if your Hosting Account provides regular backups) your site will be backed up in its entirety on a regular schedule.
  • Update WordPress core if required or recommended for security purposes:  WordPress, which is a FREE content management system (CMS), is now the most dominant CMS on the market — standing head and shoulders above the competition with a good chunk of the market share.    It is critical for security and site functionality that YOUR website have the most recent version of WordPress installed.  Failing to regularly update YOUR WordPress Core will undoubtedly result in a site failure at some point.    Here is a link about WordPress Statistics:
  • Maintain PHP Script compatibility with required plugins.  What is PHP: PHP is an open-source, server-side scripting and programming language that's primarily used for web development. The bulk of the core WordPress software is written in PHP, which makes PHP a very important language for the WordPress community.
  • Optimize the website and database for performance:  When operating a website, many people don’t bring much significance to getting rid of unwanted data. For example, they don’t pay attention to the number of low-quality plugins that they’ve installed or pictures they’ve added by mistake that haven’t been deleted afterward. They also keep forgetting to empty their trash folder when deleting a page, as well as many other things that interfere with the website’s performance. Like this, all this unnecessary data keeps piling up, in turn making one’s website slower and harder to use.    With a WordPress Website - optimizing your database is an absolute necessity if you want to have a fast website. Even when you think that there’s nothing in your database that requires removal, you should still make sure to clean your cache, as lots of deleted files and plugins can still leave some traces behind them. You shouldn’t forget to delete your spam and trash comments either.  Since plenty of unnecessary data piles up in your WordPress database with time, It is good practice to clean it up regularly for the best results. Also, checking your website speed from time to time can prove useful as well.
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring using a WordPress Security Plugins and Weekly Security Scans for Malware: Through the use of a few GREAT WordPress Security Plugin, YOUR website is monitored 24/7 for hacking, intrusion, attempted logins, and malware.   We are notified immediately of any unusual or concerning activity.
  • Setup Google Analytics / and Google Search Console and Submit website sitemap to the Google Search Console at least twice monthly:  The goal is to have Google “Crawl” the website OFTEN and have it be indexed by Google.  Crawling is the process by which Googlebot discovers new and updated pages to be added to the Google index.   This is how YOUR website finds in place in the Google Page Ranking system.  
  • How Many Websites Does This Include?:  Maintenance is per single WordPress installation. If you have multiple sites that require maintenance contact us for custom packages.
  • What If I Go Over My Contracted Time?:  Additional work/time maybe invoiced at $65 per hour or additional hours added to the agreement.
  • Payment Options:  *Fees higher if paid by PayPal or if paid via monthly payments. Monthly payment amount and arrangement available upon request.
  • Does Time Roll Over to the Next Contract Period?:  Time does not rollover to the contract period.

What's NOT Included - and CAN Be Added To Your Support & Maintenance Plan
at an additional cost:

  • New Webpage Designs: Creation of web pages not based on the existing web page design of the site;*
  • Template/Theme:  Changes in the Website Template/Theme;*
  • Navigation Restructuring or Redesign: Extensive changes to the site’s navigation;*
  • Reputation Management:  Manage Google My Business, Yelp, Trip Advisor Accounts;*
  • Textual Content/Search Engine Optimization:  Writing/Editing/Refining New Search Engine Optimization Content for Website;*
  • eCommerce Functionality: Adding the ability to sell products/services/take payments*

*These can be added to the basic WordPress Website Support & Maintenance Plan at an additional cost/hours per year.

What’s NOT Included - and CANNOT be added to The Support & Maintenance Plan: 

  • WordPress Training:  We don't do any WordPress Training.  Here is a YouTube Link of videos that maybe helpful:  CLICK HERE
  • Website Restructuring or a Complete Website Makeover;
  • Logo creation;
  • Any Coding – PHP, HTML, CSS, and SQL;
  • Extensive Photo shopping /photo manipulation;
  • Google Ad Words Setup;
  • Social Media:  Social Media posting;
  • Email Account Management;
  • Information Technology (IT) Coordinator:  Wowsers Web Design will not act as or step in to the role of an IT Coordinator for your business.    This includes email management for employees, training of employees, setting up work stations, etc.


Annual Website Maintenance Plans

Hourly - "Pay as You Go"

$75 per hour -
two hour minimum
$150.00 total
$160.00 -

2 hours  of Website Edits
Time does not carry over
Advanced Payment Required

Basic WordPress Website Support & Maintenance
- 6 Months

6 hours of Web Edits
 in a 6 month period

"Basic WordPress Website Support & Maintenance
- 12 Months

12 hours of Web Edits
in a 1 year period

A Custom Maintenance Plan (more than 12 hours/per year) is ALWAYS available.
Cost is based on the number of hours needed monthly.

***Monthly Website Maintenance with Enhanced Targeted Search Engine Optimization is available.   CLICK HERE to learn more.

Pay As You Go Maintenance is based on $75 per hour/two hour minimum
Maintenance Fee Paid Monthly is based on $60.00 per hour
Maintenance Fee Paid Annually is based on $50.00 per hour

*Fee higher if paid by PayPal/Credit Card


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